Senior Pastor - Glen W. Joseph


Rev.Glen W. Joseph serves as the Senior Pastor at Cornerstone of Life Church in Alma, MI. He also serves as the Overseer / President of Cornerstone Ministries Association. He has pastored several Churches over 45 years in ministry plus ministering in foreign countries such as; Honduras and the Virgin Isalnds, etc.

Co -Pastor - Mae A Joseph


Mae is the wife of the Senior Pastor, Dr. Glen Joseph. She is the backbone of the church and minstry working side by side with her husband. She is a anointed teacher of the Word of God. She also serves within the "Women of Faith" outreach ministry of Cornerstone of Life Church. A Fellowship Church of Cornerstone Ministries Association.

Ministers at CLC and Evangelists - Craig and Anne Hollenbeck


Rev(s) Craig and Anne Hollenbeck serve as Associate Pastors within Cornerstone of Life Church. They also serve as Ministers within Cornerstone Ministries Association. Rev.(Pastor) Craig also serves as Assistant to Dr. Joseph in the Overseeing Ministry of CMA. along with his Wife Anne. He is also on the Executive Board of CMA. Anne Smith is also on the Board.