Cornerstone Ministries Bible School / Credentials and Licensing:


For those who have a call on their life our school of ministry offers general and in depth studies from "Cornerstone Ministries Bible School." 

C.M.B.S. helps to prepare the individual for that call through Biblical and Practical (hands on) application. Upon specified courses of completions and practical application individuals who have a call on their life can qualify for "Ministerial License"or "Ministerial Ordination." 

For more information concerning Cornerstone Ministries Bible School and related biblical subjects, necessary completion of courses and practical applications, please contact us through this web site. All applicants who complete specified courses, agree with our doctrinal beliefs and meet with the credentialing board may qualify for ministerial credentials. We are a Christian School sperate from the government! 

Further information: Please contact the C.M.A. Office located on this Web Site. We also offer "Correspondence Courses."  We have qualfied teachers from different backgrounds to help and guide students.

Note of importance, if you as an individual have taken some Biblical Studies or have Ministerial background or other related Christian experience you may qualify for License or Ordination Credentials.  All applicants who desire a License or Ordination Credentials must agree with our doctrinal beliefs and be willing to meet with the credentialing board.

We are not a paper mill that just hands out "Certificates / Diplomas or Licenses / Ordination Credentials.

You may call or email us concerning Cornerstone Ministries Bible School or for ministerial credentials. God Bless!

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