Purpose: When a church is planted or if one desires to come into Fellowship with CMA, there is help that you can expect.

You will receive help from the C.M.. staff, other churches, pastors and ministry teams along with prayer.

We have a board/committee oversight for this area of ministry and we encourage others to join from established churches or ministries to help. 

In return, we do expect certain actions from the planted Church or those in fellowship with us.

First, it is expected that the Pastor will work diligently in demonstrating loyalty, integrity, fellowship, faithfulness and generosity to his fellow ministers and churches.

Secondly, the Pastor must not become a loner either during the planting process nor when the church is established. 

If you are interested in establishing a church, school of ministry or ministry within the U.S.A or outside of the U.S.A. to work with and desire to be in fellowship with Cornerstone Ministries Association.

Please email us at via this web site stating where, when and what you are expecting, etc.