The Heartbeat of Restoration

Greetings:  Thank you for your interest in Cornerstone Ministries Association. We're excited about the vision and direction that God has placed in our hearts for this ministry.   It was conceived and birthed by the Holy Spirit.

We are a ministry with a "Heartbeat of Restoration" for Ministers, Churches and Ministries. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, we would like for you to be a part of this vision and excitement. Our desire is to assist you in finding God's direction for your life and to be effective in this world for His Glory.  Cornerstone Ministries Association has two primary directives in regards to the ministry of Restoration..... that is the

Mission of Restoring and a Purpose of Spiritual healing /help.

God's Word declares...."Take heed now; for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong, and do it." (I Chronicles 28:10)

     Restoration Purpose

     Woven throughout God's Word there are many references to Restoration. (Galations 6:1) declares.... "we are to restore those who have do it gently." Also in II Corinthians, it states that we are to be....."ministers of reconciliation..."

C.MA'S calling is a "Heartbeat of Restoration" for fallen Leaders of Churches and Ministries. Our purpose and goal is to .Restore:

  • Lives of those damaged by sin;
  • Those who have been injured and wounded

Ministries and Churches that have been injured and damaged 

We believe that a individual can be restored to his or her ministry. Our call and desire is to be an instrument for God's directives according to His Word that one's life and ministry can be restored / renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

 Restoration Directives 

In regards to Churches, Ministries and individuals, we offer teachings, guidance and spiritual help with the following:

  • Churches / Ministries:  Restoration process (time frame), Commitment, responsibilities, accountabilities and Seminars on Restoration.

Mission / Directives:  It is with this mission and purpose of heart with the direction of the Holy Spirit that we seek to provide practical and personal application of restoration for all individuals, leaders, Ministers, Churches and Ministries.

For more information / Seminars on Restoration, please refer to the prayer page or contact page. May God richly bless you!