Ministers of Cornerstone Ministries Association;


Long Lake church (Harrison, MI.), Senior Pastor Chris Saint

Rev's) Francisco and Mary Martinez / Associate Pastor / Teacher within Cornerstone of Life Church. 

Pastor Francisco is also Dr. Joseph's assitant within Cornerstone Ministries Association.  Keep all of us in your prayers 

 Update: Pastor Chad Smith  has completed is course here on earth, God called him home. He was a man of integrity, a husband and father who loved his family dearly and who worked also an Assistant Pastor within Cornerstone of Life Church working personally with Dr. Joseph. He will be greatly missed!

                                Rev(s) Francisco & Mary Martinez, is part of Cornerstone of Life Church located in Alma, MI.                                                      For more information contact them through this web site.


Evangelist Rivaldo Lima, is currently working with Pastor Raul in Framingham, MA.

Pastor Raul has currently stepped into a new position as Pastor in a New Church in the Worburn                                   ,      MA. area. keep him in prayer.

Pastor Christopher Saint is the Minister at Long Lake Church in Harrison, MI. This is a Fellowship of Cornerstone Ministries Association. He is also completing his ministry schooling in C.M.B.S. 

     Pastor Murilo resides in Massachuets. He has been serving our Lord and Savior for  over 20 years. 

Pastor Dan Loyd, is pastor of "Love Revival Center" in Midland, MI -Keep Pastor Dan in Prayer

Dr. Glen pastors' Cornerstone of Life Church along with teaching at Cornerstone Bible School.  

C.M.A. Minister in MO. Gary Waters has retired from the ministry, keep him in prayer 

We now have churches in Africa. More on this asap!


All of these ministers of the Gospel has a vision to reach souls for Christ within their community and beyond the area as the Holy Spirit leads both of them. Keep them in  your prayers. 

NEW: NEPAL. We are currently supporting "Mountain Child" as one of our Missions" Our Grandchildren; Charlie & Madison are the Missionaries to Nepal working with Mountain Child. Keep Nepal people and our grandchildren and Great grandchildren in prayer.

Missions: We are also supporting; Honduras, Light Ministries in Haiti and Israel. New Missions Church in Saginaw, Michigan area. Please keep all in prayer. If you would like to help support any or all of these Missions, contact us through this web site. 


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