"A Standing Truth" 

First,  Jesus said, He would never leave us or forsake us. Whenever there has been a Crisis, personal, in the Church, or anywhere throughout the world God has always heard His' people prayers (are you praying?).

God has always answered His people when they prayed. I am reminded of Psalms 142. It was a time of a difficult time for David. He recognized that no one around him could help. Then he realized that God was there with him and God was waiting for him to cry out. Read it and you will find great help and answers, for God is always ready to hear us. if we cry out!

This was Bible reference ( Psalms 142) that God helped me when I was in a difficult time in my life and the words found in the chapter above reached out and grabbed me and I found myself, crying out to God almighty and He was there to hear my prayers and God answered. I can testify today that our God will answer, if we cry out .

Secondly, there is a another principle found in God's Holy Word which applies in all circumstances, it even relates to our crisis that we are facing today and "yes" it applies to us as Christians; that if we follow these truths within we will see God answering our prayers and thereby will affect our lives, others and our nation and yes, the world. What are the principle truths well, it certainly starts out by saying;

"If My People"

(1) Humble themselves and  (2) Pray and (3) Seek My Face and (4) Turn from there wicked ways......then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.  

We recognized that God was speaking to the nation of Israel, but the Bible clearly says that we that have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior have been grafted into the tree of Israel (Romans 11:17-24). We are His people. That means II Chronicles 7:14 applies to every true believer that has received Jesus as their Savior. I believe that today His Church is not truly walking in the His Word and by His Spirit!

(1) Humble ourselves; all of us in one way or another should humble ourselves. It means to have a fear of God which means that only God has the answer for today and in fact, forever. First hand, I have seen "Christians" holding back on assembling themselves together and on holding back their tithes and offering (money). Those two areas above not only affect His Church, but the individual Christians life. How? Because those are fears that have come from man and the devil himself. We need conviction of what we are not doing and should be doing! We can receive great blessings from our Lord, Jesus is the answer today and forever.

(2) Pray; It is apparent in the scriptures that His people (us) should be in "fervent prayer."  To ask, to seek, to knock (keep on asking). Because I believe that a lot of "Christians" are not seeking God's face. All to often, we allow our circumstances  and what we see, what we hear dictate what we do, instead of God's Word and the relationship that we ought to have with Him. Do we trust Him? Do we have our daily communion with Him?  Do we daily ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in all that we do, in this time of crisis, of our weaken economy?

(3) Seek His face! we seek His love, as we should. We should be seeking Him with a desire to please Him, not what we can get. If we truly love Him, let us turn from our wicked ways.

(4) Turn from our wicked ways; out of our relationship with Him should come the turning away from sin and turning toward more of Him. We need to please Him, is to fully trust Him! To obey His Word in all things. To do this will transform us from our selfishness. Our wrong attitude, Our wrong spirit, Our wrong motives and Our wrong thinking concerning what we hear about our economy, about our lost of jobs, about how are going to pay our bills, these areas will stifle, weaken our faith. In fact, where is our faith today?  What or Who are we turning to?

Let us turn again to Him, to His Word, again to II Chronicles 7:14 and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the full truth of this passage and also in other scriptures where it says; when we ask of the Lord, will He give us a stone?

To live in a relationship with our Lord and Savior means to change from what we hear, see, feel in the natural and start walking according to His Word, by the Holy Spirit. 

When we walk according to His Word and in obedience is to be in His Covenant and we will hear from Heaven and He will heal our land, our  life, our hurts, and our disappointments. 

He will heal, He will deliver, He will set free, He will forgive. He does not lie. Jesus is still the same, Amen!  

The questions are; will we...Humble? Will we ....Pray? Will we...seek His face?  Will we...turn from our wicked ways?  Our answers?